Laws of the Land

As is stated in my first post carrying items will be slightly different.
the new packs are as follows:
  • Standard pack- holds 50 pounds
  • Parceled pack- holds 50 pounds but is easy to find items in the heat of battle, or whenever needed; 10gp, 4lbs.
  • Rigid Trailpack- holds 110 pounds, but is restrictive; restricting the carriers movement by 1dex; 10gp, 8lbs.
  • Parceled Rigid Trailpack- holds 140 pounds, restricts movement -1dex, carrying over 125lbs could throw the wearer off balance, requiring a balance check at the beginning of encounter.   20gp, 11lbs.
  • belt/coin pouches- hold 225 coins; 1 sp, .5lbs.
  • oversized belt/coin pouches- hold 400 coins; 1gp, 1lb

Uncovered weapons may also pose a problem for adventurer
  • Scrapped idea, just going to pretend everything has a sheath...the logistical problem of carrying sheaths and axe covers in case you find some makes the game mechanic clunky.

 Modification to Strength
pushing/sliding/dragging objects will be 35x strength instead of 50.

Helping PC's
There will also be some adjustments to helping eachother.
while 2 pc's pushing/sliding a 5ft object 3/4's strength for both instead of a +2 for one character.

The parents have a slight deciding factor in the ability scores.  Once again a die will decide how this came to be.  If the PC is a male, the father will have a greater deciding factor whereas if the PC is a female it would be the mother; not including the highest score but the 2 below that will change to match that of the parents genealogy.  For the dominant parent the score will go down 2 and the non-dominant the score will go down 1.  We will then put those 2 scores at whichever type the PC rolls for.

  • Warrior (fighter)              - Strength
  • Spellcaster (wizard)        - Willpower
  • Entertainer (bard)            - Charisma
  • Specialist  (rogue)           - Dexterity
  • Healer (cleric)                 - Intelligence

Character types in parentheses are just an idea of what the parent could actually be.  Obviously a D20 will handle that list of typical adventurers easily.

Modifications to Magic

-Rules for magic in Magical Mayhem

-As of right now I'm undecided on how best to go about this.  I would like the PC's roll an arcana check when they cast a spell; depending on how well they know the spell it could be difficult to perform.  I think it would be fun if they could use a spell from the level above their own with a difficult dc, like a natural 20 will pull it off successfully and as planned.  If however they do not reach the required dc (fairly easy for spells below their level and moderate for their current level) it could go awry by hitting another npc/pc.  A spell that was cast incorrectly could also create the wrong effect, such as healing instead of harming, changing the area of effect (cb3 to cb5) or possibly be incredibly strong (e.g. becoming 3d6 instead of  1d6)  Casting a spell that is not memorized, such as one above your level, or possibly ones of your level that were not chosen for the day are still possible to cast from your spellbook, but it would have to be read and processed first creating a time lapse, which the caster would then roll a d4 and that would be how many turns it would take for the spell to go-this would be a "safe" way to cast spells as there would be only a slight chance at a mispronunciation but I wouldn't even require an arcana check when casting out of the book.  As stated previously I am not set on these ideas, but it sounds fun.  One of my friends told me it used to be they'd rip a page out and use the spell as a scroll, losing the spell forever.  I am not really a fan of that, but I want magic to feel magical, almost like anything could happen.
I have also kicked around the idea of delayed spell casting, however instead of casting the next round as many dm's have done; just a 5-10 penalty from the pc's initiative.  Say Gandalf cast's magic missile from his 17 init. if any npc's or pc's go before 12 they would play before the spell went off.  This is more of an interesting idea which I do not think I will actually put into play.  It's a fun idea but would slow play down... with fg2 it would be simple to track, but essentially having multiple pc's/npc's in one encounter with spell counters would take it's toll on gamespeed which I would like to keep up (at least when maps/tokens actually load).

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