Residents of Loudwater

All PC's in my campaign were born on the same day in Loudwater, which has become a retirement community of sorts to many people who's adventuring days are over.  It is because of this fact that many of the town's children have at least one parent that wandered the world.  There are no constructs in this campaign, all other intelligent races are playable.  If there are no creation rules in the players handbook we'll create some, I know I've read some character creation rules somewhere.   Also when your character is created I would like a copy of it.  There will be more rules to come; as well as the date all PC's were born, but your characters will be fairly young-under age 20.

The people of Loudwater are proud, and they should be since many have helped people across the land.  Those that have children have pushed and prodded them to be better than they were.  It is because of this encouragement that PC's will have inherent bonus' as well as penalties.  An example would be that a child who has a rogue father and a wizard mother would genetically lead to a more intelligent and dexterous child, but not  one who has a high constitution, or huge muscles.  The table for this will be in the law of the land portion of my page shortly, and lineage will be decided with the roll of a die.  The exception to this will be one controller whose parents did not want him/her to go into such a dangerous life and could most certainly afford giving their child the best education possible-meaning a +2 to int as well as trained in all knowledge checks as well as 3 others and a +3 to 2 skills.  Since the best teachers in the area had been mages, this child will know more spells than the typical adventurer who is just starting out, but takes a -1 to melee atacks since they have never touched a weapon.  The adventuring party will all recieve a gift from their parents upon setting out on the quest (you still need to pick your items as normal, an in game die roll will decide what item you receive).  The controller whose parents did not want him/her to go adventuring does not receive an item from them.

The children of loudwater have all been raised to believe that the gods are there and will help them in a time of need.  Everyone is willing to accept any god except those that are evil and chaotic evil, any child displaying these tendencies is removed from society.  There is one exception to this rule which is Gruumsh as long as the PC is good and another character has not selected Correllon previously (Gruumsh's history is long and sordid)  all other PC/god allignments are accepted.  Gods are in a first come first serve basis (I am not allowing multiple PC's to worship the same god), and only selected when I see it on your character sheet.  I will post the pantheon on the next page, although gods of the forgotten realms and other D&D settings are allowed... unless there's some kind of crazy construct god in Eberron which would then be disallowed.

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